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Benefits of Custom Design

With mortgage rates extremely low and South Carolina as one of the largest housing growth rates in the country, more and more South Carolinians are making the decision to build a larger home or substantially renovate their existing home to take advantage of the booming market.   With the average price of a new home in excess of $280,000, it makes sense to have your investment be the exact design you want and to reflect who you are.

Renovating your existing home can be an extremely cost effective way of improving your lifestyle and increasing the value of your most prized possession.  The average cost of a major addition and renovation is in excess of $55,000.   With proper design, planning and guidance, nearly 75% to 100% of the cost of a renovation can be directly applied to the value of your home.

Due to licensed architect fees ranging from 5% to 7% of the cost of a new home or renovation, an experienced and talented draftsperson may be a lower cost alternative to maximizing your investment.   For less than 2% of the cost of your new home, you can have your original, one of a kind dream home designed to your exact specifications from the ground up.

Creating Value

Whether starting a new home from the ground up or renovating an existing home, Palmetto Home Designs listens to what each client believes a home must be.  Today, PHD works to bring each client’s dream home ideas into a reality, never losing sight of a client’s specific budget requirements.

From woodsy cottages nestled in the North and South Carolina mountains to elegant beachfront vacation homes, Palmetto Home Designs has the ability to transform each client’s vision of their dream home into a high quality home design with full construction drawings.

Palmetto Home Designs provides a broad range of professional drafting drawings, including:

  • As-Built Drawings
  • Basic Design Services
  • Floor Plans
  • Elevations
  • Cabinet Design Elevations
  • Electrical Fixtures and Switches Layout
  • Foundation Drawings
  • Demolition Drawings
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