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The Home Design Process

Designing a custom home begins with an initial consultation where the draftsperson meets with the client to describe their personal dream home and budget. The draftsperson will work those requirements into an initial floor plan and subsequently, present them to the client. Frequently, it becomes obvious with the initial design that the original rough concept would be over budget. Changes to the floor plans will be discussed and meetings will occur until the client is satisfied that the desired floor plan has been established.

In tight budget situations, initial drafts of the floor plan can be shown to a contractor in order to get a rough estimate of design costs.

Following the floor plan approval, the outside design of the home is drawn and approved by the client. Cabinet elevations, closet elevations and bathroom elevations may be drawn if needed. Additional details are added until the plans reflect the client’s dream home.

Finally, the construction drawings are completed and the plans are ready to either be built or sent out to contractors for bidding. Typically, throughout the designing and approval process, bills are sent to the client following major milestones such as approval of the floor plan and front elevation.
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