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The Palmetto Home Designs Process

We know that the process of designing and building or renovating a home can see complicated or intimidating to those who have never done it before. Here at Palmetto Home Designs, we have 20 years of experience and can expertly guide you through the process. Whether you are working alone or with a designer or a contractor, we have the experience to get you to where you want to be.

How we proceed, depends first on whether you are designing a new home or are renovating or adding on to an existing home. Renovations are usually (but not always) the easiest and least expensive. If you just want to modernize a kitchen, that’s pretty simple. Adding, removing or moving walls can get to be more complicated but generally speaking, when you stay within the footprint of the original building, it’s less expensive both for the plans and for construction.

Additions are the next step up. This involves actually adding square footage to your existing home and usually along with changes to the existing layout. Typically, this is adding master bedroom suites, expanding a kitchen or extra family space at either the back or sides of a home. These are also trickier in that most local governments have rules concerning how much of your lot can be covered under a roof and how close to the boundaries of the lot you can build a permanent structure. You are also adding not just more rooms but foundations and roofing so the cost goes up both for the plans and for the construction.

New home designs are the next step. Nothing is more exciting that designing your own dream home to your exact specifications! But new homes require a full set of plans and typically takes a lot more time. This also makes them more expensive. But the payoff is that you get a home that meets your needs and your budget when it comes time to build it.

We also can help you design a new deck, covered porch, an attached or detached garage, studio or workshop. Chances are, if you’re making changes to your home, you need a building permit and construction drawings. We’ve done it all at Palmetto Home Designs!

The Renovations Process

Renovations start by producing a floor plan of your existing home. We’ll schedule an appointment for one of our staff to come to your home and measure and photograph your existing home so we can turn that into the needed floorplan. Then we will schedule you to come in and meet with the designer to help you figure out the best use of your space to achieve the results you want. Once you have a floorplan, you’re happy with, we will produce all the plans needed for contractors to bid on your project and also to get the required building permits to move forward into construction.

The Additions Process

Much like renovations, we start with plans for your existing homes. But before we get started, we like for you to have a survey of your lot so we can find out if the addition will fit on your lot. This saves you money in the long run as it makes certain you can build on and that you’ll be able to get a building permit. Other than the survey, the process is pretty much the same as is with the renovation. And often, an addition is done in conjunction with a renovation to make sure the additional space flows with the rest of the floorplan of the house.

New Home Construction Process

Since there is no existing structure to work from, there is no need for the measurement. But if you have a lot already picked out or purchased, you still need to start with a survey. But often, clients just want to design their dream home and then find the lot or land to build it on. That’s okay too. We will start the process with a design meeting with you. If you have any sketches or floorplans you’ve found that are close to what you want, bring them with you. This helps us to zero in quickly on what it is you what and can save you time and money. Once we come up with a working floorplan, we will send you home and we’ll draw up the full floorplan. We send you the floorplan for review and approval. At that point, we may have a second design meeting if necessary or just make some changes based on telephone conversations or emails. We go through this iterative process until we have exactly what you want. Then we produce the full set of plans and you’re off to build your new home.

Working with a Designer

Sometimes our clients have hired a designer to work with them in designing the home. We have worked with a number of designers and are very familiar and comfortable with working with them. In fact, there is a good chance we’ve already worked with your designer on a previous project!
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